Structural Stress and Design

Development of aerospace products is a true collaborative endeavor which requires many disciplines to be successful. TLG’s in-house Stress and Design capability complements the Loads, Flutter and Aero-performance groups. When working as an integrated team, the Stress and Design disciplines enables TLG to conduct a complete load loop design cycle. This concurrent team approach can provide overall shorter development schedules, higher levels of optimization with lower development risk, all with direct DER involvement.

TLG recognizes that many Customers have their own internal design department. In these cases, TLG can provide our stress and design resources as an off-site extension to the Customer’s existing capabilities to provide efficient coordination of development issues. Many of our Customers utilize TLG’s Stress and Design staff to focus on secondary structure or systems development while their in-house team stays focused on their primary areas of expertise. Either way, TLG Stress and Design capabilities will help assure the Customers product meets performance, schedule, and cost objectives.