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News & Events

STEM Toy Drive Featured on King5 News

TLG Aerospace was featured on King5 News on Tuesday, December 10th as part of a segment covering the Aerospace Futures Alliance STEM Toy Drive.

The toy drive will take place this Thursday, December 13th from 6-8 PM in the Lake Union Building. The Lake Union Building is also home of the TLG office space. STEM toy donations will be collected at the event and donated to Communities in Schools. They will then be distributed to children and community centers.

To read the full article and watch the video, click here.


TLG Aerospace Attending AFA Holiday Event

We are pleased to announce we will be attending the Take to the Sky Holiday Event hosted by the AFA and WSSC this Thursday, December 13th. The event will be held here in the Lake Union Building, home of the TLG Aerospace office.

We look forward to participating in the networking opportunity this event provides, as well as supporting our youth by providing STEM related toys for donation.

Tickets can be purchased here.

TLG Aerospace to attend Fall 2018 Aerospace Flutter and Dynamics Council Meeting

Robert Lind, TLG Director of Engineering and FAA Flutter DER, will be attending the Fall 2018 Aerospace Flutter and Dynamics Council Meeting. The meeting will be held October 4-5th in St Louis, MO.  The Aerospace Flutter and Dynamics Council is an organization provides a forum through its bi-annual meetings for professionals working in Flutter and Dynamics positions to meet and discuss current technical challenges, evaluate the state-of-the-art technologies and practices, review and discuss current and planned research, and to anticipate future design problems and discuss research programs.  TLG remains committed to furthering the advancement of the aerospace industry and looks forward to supporting this and future events.

Please feel free to contact Robert Lind at, or access our website ( to explore how TLG Aerospace’s capabilities and experience in Flutter and Dynamics engineering can be an asset for your project.

TLG Aerospace will be attending NewSpace Conference – June 26-27, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington, Seattle WA

We look forward to discussing how TLG can help the New Space Community with advanced aerodynamics, structural design and analysis, and critical engineering capacity. Based in the top ranked aerospace region in Seattle, Washington, TLG is a dedicated group of engineers applying experience and lessons learned from aviation to this New Brand of Space Pioneers. We represent an opportunity to apply Washington State’s Virtual OEM Resource to the Commercial Space Venture Industry.

Our unique qualifications and expertise include Aerodynamics, Aeroelastic Flutter Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Reaction Control Systems Analysis, Safety Review Boards, Stability and Control Analysis, Static, Dynamic and Fatigue Loads, Structural Design and Analysis, Testing Services, Thermal Analysis, and Vibration Analysis.

To schedule meetings, please email Steve Nelson, Director of Program Management at , or call 206-229-4937

NBAA 2017 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition

TLG Aerospace will be attending NBAA – BACE Oct 10-12, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

We look forward to discussing how TLG can help companies needing FAA DER support and additional engineering capacity; and organizations seeking additional capabilities to conduct research and development, and feasibility and trade studies. To schedule meetings, please email

Real World AWS Scalability

Amazon Web Services (AWS) features TLG benchmark data in recent article.

FlexSys And Aviation Partners Display Morphing Wing

Winglet specialist Aviation Partners Inc. (API) and joint-venture partner FlexSys are working with an undisclosed customer to retrofit an aircraft with the first commercial morphing wing.

NBAA 2016 Annual Meeting and Convention

TLG Aerospace will be attending the NBAA’s annual meeting and convention in Orlando, Florida from November 1st through November 3rd. We look forward to meeting with representatives from original equipment manufacturers and aircraft modifiers with type and supplemental certificate program needs; companies needing FAA DER support and additional engineering capacity; and organizations seeking additional capabilities to conduct research and development, and feasibility and trade studies. To schedule meetings, please call 206-859-5061 x129; or by email

Amazon Web Services Features TLG in Case Study

TLG Aerospace is proud to be featured in a case study by Amazon Web Services (AWS). TLG is leading the aerospace industry by utilizing AWS HPC resources to quickly run CFD jobs using >1,000 cores for models exceeding 100M cells.

“Using AWS, we aren’t limited in our ability to scale STAR-CCM+ jobs,” Engineering Manager Andrew McComas said. “We have the opportunity to go much bigger if we need to, and we will be prepared for very large computational fluid dynamics projects now. That’s important for us, because that’s the way the industry is headed.”

Click here to read the full case study.

TLG Aerospace to Attend NewSpace 2016

TLG Aerospace President Steve Muenzberg will be attending the NewSpace 2016 Convention, held at Motif Seattle on June 21-23.

The conference brings startups, established companies and government agencies together with private investors and technology innovators. The conference focuses on topics related to commercial space travel, not only in the present but in the long term future as well.

Charles Beames, President of Vulcan Aerospace, and Jason Andres, CEO of Spaceflight Industries, are included in a long list of speakers.

TLG Aerospace provides engineering expertise on a variety of commercial spaceships with loads analysis, aerodynamic analysis and more.

Follow @TLGAerospace for updates from the convention.