FAA Certification

The best performing, most fantastic airplane is not a viable product until obtaining FAA certification. Similarly, when modifying an airplane, the original certification is invalidated until obtaining an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).

TLG FAA Certification Services

  • Certification Plans – For a new airplane, or an STC, it is important to start with a certification plan to avoid very costly mistakes later!
  • FAA Coordination
  • Certification Analysis and Reports
  • FAA DER Approvals

What Are DERS?

To help the FAA deal with the massive flow of engineering information, they appoint Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs). DERs are engineers who have a demonstrated history with the FAA for producing high quality work and whom the FAA then trusts to review engineering and issue the 8110 acceptance forms.

What DERS Does TLG Have On Staff?

TLG has the following in-house DERs:

  • Steve Muenzberg
    Loads and Dynamics for 14 CFR Part 23 and 25 airplanes
  • Robert Lind
    Flutter for 14 CFR Part 23 and 25 airplanes, and Flight Analyst for 14 CFR Part 23 and CAR 3 airplanes
  • Ian Draycott
    Structures for 14 CFR Part 23 and 25 airplanes
  • Dr. Josh Sementi
    Loads and Dynamics for 14 CFR Part 23 and 25 airplanes
In addition, TLG has working arrangements with a number of DERs in the disciplines of:

  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance
  • Icing
  • Control Systems
  • Power plant
  • Noise
  • Other DER coordination available as needed

When Do I Need A Certification Plan?

While certification may be the final requirement before a company can start selling the product, planning and design for certification needs to start right at the beginning of the process. Late program changes to meet certification requirements can be very expensive!