Performance Analysis

One of the most important questions in any aircraft design or modification program is, “What is the performance of the performance?” TLG has the tools and experience to help you answer this question.

Timely Answers to Key Questions

TLG has a comprehensive performance code which is designed to work with as little or as much data as is available. Therefore, we can provide a quick start for a “close enough” answer or, with all the right data, a much more accurate prediction of performance. TLG’s experience with aircraft performance ranges from adjusting performance due to aircraft modifications all the way to flight test of prototype aircraft.

Performance Services

  • Flight Analyst DER, Robert Lind
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Mission Analysis and Optimization
  • AFM-based Performance Modeling
  • FAR 23 and 25 takeoff and landing requirements and full mission analysis including divert scenarios
  • Graphical analysis of performance capabilities
  • Flight Test Planning, Support and Data Analysis
  • Ground Vibration Test Planning
  • Ground and Flight Test Witnessing and Reports
  • Use of engineering and test data to drive 6DOF flight simulation