Space Launch Vehicles

TLG works on some of the most exciting and innovative vertical and horizontal air launch space projects today.

TLG’s engineering experience with space launch vehicles includes: 

  • Launch Vehicle, Carrier Aircraft, and Spacecraft Loads Analysis
  • Flutter Analysis, Ground Test, and Flight Test
  • Aerodynamic Database Development and Validation
  • Stability and Control Pre- and Post-Test Prediction and Correlation
  • Trajectory Analysis Integrated with Loads and Stability & Control (S&C)
  • Flight Simulator Tools Integrated with Real-Time Loads Predictions 
  • Transonic Buffet Prediction and Mitigation
  • Hypersonic Aero-Thermal Analysis
  • Flight Test Envelope Limitations, Expansion and Safety Review Board Support
  • Spacecraft/Spaceship Stress Analysis Independent Review and Verification
  • Orbital Re-entry Vehicles 
  • LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Vehicles Aerodynamic Design, Lofting, Loads, and Dynamics
  • Rockets
  • Special Mission and Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (IS&R)
  • Crew Capsule Stress Analysis 
  • Propulsion Module Structural Fail-Safety Analysis
  • Propulsion Module FEM Updates and Verification
  • Vehicle Hydraulic Systems including
    • System Design and Analysis Support
    • Custom Manifold Design and Analysis
    • Component Selection and Sizing
    • Hose and Tube Routing

Our Mission

TLG is dedicated to providing our customers with reliable, efficient engineering analysis, solutions and reports to drive their projects to successful completion.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is an integral part of our day to day operations and our engineering services throughout each step of the process from design to analysis, testing and certification. Our quality policy has the full support of senior management and staff alike. These are our policies:

  • We are focused on exceeding the customer’s quality and performance requirements.
  • We are committed to seeking continuous improvement in our processes as a means of delivering a cost-effective, flexible and reliable service that will continue to meet customers’ requirements ever more closely.
  • We recognize the importance of our centralized staff and technologies in delivering a high quality service and are committed to developing the capability of our workforce.
  • We recognize the special responsibility we have due to our work in airworthiness and other safely-related activities.

Export Compliance

TLG fully complies with Export Administration Regulations (EAR), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and all other applicable export regulations.