TLG Aerospace is committed to providing engineering solutions that meet your needs. We understand there are times when you need a quick estimate to make initial business or design decisions, or other times when precise accuracy is critical to getting the maximum performance from your product. We provide you with the effective solutions you need to drive your project to successful completion.

TLG Customers Include:

Companies Designing a New Aircraft (TC)
TLG works with these customers throughout the design cycle or supplements their in-house capabilities.

Companies Modifying an Existing Aircraft (STC)
TLG supports aircraft modifiers that do not have a loads engineering capability in-house. These companies may consider TLG to be their Loads Group. The same is true for flutter, aerodynamic design and CFD. Having TLG’s capabilities on their team allows these modifiers to consider projects they have not been able to pursue in the past.

Companies with In-house Engineering Needing Extra Capacity
TLG supplements the customer’s in-house capabilities by providing immediate access to our centralized team of highly experienced engineers at our office or the customer’s facility.

Companies Needing DER Support
TLG provides support and approval for the customer’s DER requirements.

Aerospace Engineering Companies with a Complementary Skill Set to TLG
TLG partners with these companies to submit joint bids on large projects or supplies engineering services to supplement the customer’s own capabilities.

DERs or Other Individual Engineers Needing Extra Capacity
TLG works with other DERs who have a project but do not have the required team of engineers to complete the analysis themselves.

Government Agencies
TLG successfully supports government contracts for various agencies including SBIRs.

Companies Setting Up an Organization Designation Authorization (ODA)
TLG experts support customer’s ODA programs.

Companies Needing Research and Development or Feasibility Studies
TLG collaborates with customers on feasibility studies and other research and development projects. We help determine the most efficient and innovative approach for a new project.