Flight Sciences


TLG Engineering has the skills, experience and tools to generate loads appropriate for all stages of aircraft development, from quick preliminary design loads to final certification loads. Analyzing loads early in the design cycle is key to reducing program risk and cost. TLG has two in-house Loads DERs, Steve Muenzberg.and Dr. Josh Sementi. LEARN MORE >


All aircraft must be shown to be free from flutter for flight safety and per civil and military airworthiness requirements. TLG can perform the required certification flutter analyses for all required aircraft configurations and conditions. We can also plan and participate in the required ground and flight testing and subsequent analysis. TLG has an in-house Flutter DER, Robert Lind. LEARN MORE >

Aerodynamic Design and Improvement

Aerodynamic design touches all aspects of an aircraft Outer Mold Line (OML), from airfoil optimization to engine inlets to flight control surface sizing. TLG has extensive experience in aerodynamic design and optimization on projects ranging from clean sheet design to stability and control enhancements on existing aircraft. LEARN MORE >

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) refers to the process of calculating how a fluid, usually air, flows around an object. TLG has the tools and experience to provide CFD analysis ranging from quick and simple lifting line to full Navier Stokes volume flow with heat transfer and reacting gas chemistry. LEARN MORE >

Performance Analysis

Accurately predicting aircraft performance throughout the design cycle is critical to the success of a program. TLG has the experience and tools necessary to get timely, accurate performance estimates when making business and design decisions at the beginning of a program, adjust performance data due to modifications as the program matures, and create the accurate predictions needed in flight test. LEARN MORE >

Handling Qualities Analysis

TLG has the tools needed to analyze aircraft stability and control. TLG has extensive experience in how and why airplanes exhibit good and bad handling qualities, how to test and quantify these behaviors, and what modifications can be used to deal with unacceptable characteristics. TLG has an in-house Flight Analyst DER, Robert Lind. LEARN MORE >