Structural Stress and Design

Development of aerospace products is a true collaborative endeavor which requires many disciplines to be successful. Structural stress and design is a crucial component of this process. TLG’s in-house Stress and Design capability complements our Loads, Flutter and Aero-performance groups. When working as an integrated team, the Stress and Design disciplines enable TLG to conduct a complete load loop design cycle. This concurrent team approach can provide shorter development schedules and higher levels of optimization with lower development risk, all with direct DER involvement.

TLG recognizes that many Customers have their own internal design department. In these cases, TLG provides stress and design resources as an off-site extension to your existing capabilities. This is done to provide efficient coordination of development issues. You can utilize our Stress and Design staff to focus on secondary structure or systems development. Meanwhile, your in-house team stays focused on their primary areas of expertise. Either way, TLG Stress and Design capabilities help assure your product meets all performance, schedule, and cost objectives.

Structural Stress and Design Services

  • Metallic and Composite Analysis and Design
  • Static Strength Substantiation Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Damage Tolerance Analysis
  • Bird Strike Impact Simulation
  • Rotor Burst Impact Simulation
  • Global Finite Element Model (GFEM)
  • Finite Element Analysis Experience includes:
    • Linear Static
    • Modal and Frequency Response
    • Buckling
    • Implicit and Explicit Nonlinear
    • Optimization (Size/Shape/Topology)
    • Thermal
    • Validated by Test or Classical Methods
  • Continued Airworthiness Documentation
  • Support In-Service Major Repairs and Alterations
  • Ground Test Planning, Support, and Analysis
  • Industry Standard Design using Catia / Solidworks / CREO
    •  Trade Studies and Concept Development
    •  3D Model Based Definition or 2D Drawings


TLG uses Industry Standard Analysis Tools Including:

  • APEX
  • Hyperworks
  • Ansys