DER Certification

The Designated Engineering Representative (DER) system enables the FAA to use qualified technical people to perform certain examinations, testing, and inspections necessary to determine compliance with applicable airworthiness standards. TLG has four full time DERs on staff

  • FAA Loads and Dynamics DER (14 CFR Part 23 and 25), Steve Muenzberg
  • FAA Loads and Dynamics DER (14 CFR Part 23 and 25), Dr. Josh Sementi
  • FAA Flutter DER (14 CFR Part 23 and 25), and Flight Analyst DER (14 CFR Part 23), Robert Lind
  • FAA Structures DER (14 CFR Part 23 and 25), Ian Draycott

In addition, TLG has working arrangements with a number of DERs in the disciplines of Flutter, Stress, Fatigue and Damage Tolerance, Icing, Control Systems, Power plant, Noise, other DER coordination available as needed.

A DER offers technical expertise and understands the framework of critical regulations that allow technology to be applied safely. A DER may approve or recommend approval of engineering technical data within the limits of their authority by means of FAA Form 8110-3, Statement of Compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations. The FAA may also authorize a DER to witness FAA compliance tests and perform compliance inspections.