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Congratulations to the team for completing a successful Conceptual Design Review of the Eviation Alice production configuration!

This Conceptual Design Review (CoDR) represents a significant milestone for Eviation’s all-electric eCTOL design introducing features that improve performance, reduce complexity, retire technical risk, and ensure robustness to evolving battery technology. The goal of this effort was to evolve the flight prototype design into a compelling commercial product while ensuring a smooth path to certification.

TLG’s multidisciplinary team was led by Chief Aerodynamicist Andrew McComas and Flight Analyst DER Reid McCaul with support from a talented team of engineers at TLG Aerospace, Eviation, and key suppliers. Many thanks to our counterparts at Eviation for allowing us the opportunity to contribute to this great product!

The article below is reposted courtesy of Eviation.

Eviation Completes Conceptual Design Review of Alice Aircraft

  • Eviation has completed the Conceptual Design Review of the all-electric Alice aircraft
  • The review is a significant milestone toward certification and commercialization of Alice
  • Production Aircraft design of Alice optimized for certification, streamlined manufacturing, and to provide a best-in-class passenger experience

ARLINGTON, Wa., U.S., January 25, 2024 – Eviation Aircraft, a manufacturer of all-electric aircraft, today announced that it has completed the Conceptual Design Review (CoDR) of the Alice aircraft. The review is a significant milestone, assuring a configuration that is both certifiable and enables streamlined manufacturing. It maintains Alice’s signature look, while optimizing performance, and further enhancing its unmatched cabin experience.

The CoDR, conducted with the support of TLG Aerospace, built on the extensive data gathered from Alice’s pioneering 2022 flight, wind tunnel testing recently completed at the Kirsten Wind Tunnel in Seattle, feedback from Eviation’s customer advisory board, and months of engineering work.

Features introduced in the Production Aircraft design include:

  • a constant cross-section that reduces Alice’s part count and manufacturing costs, while also enabling future variants of the aircraft
  • structural segments designed for field re-assembly with standard tooling available to Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services
  • a larger, centralized Energy Storage System (ESS) compartment above the wing that can integrate a range of ESS solutions now and in the future, in addition to streamlining certification
  • optimized cabin space allowing for a side-mounted carry-on stowage compartment unique in the commuter class

Creating the Future of Flight
With orders totaling more than US$ 5 billion, the all-electric Alice is pioneering a new era of sustainable air travel. Alice’s 9-seat commuter and cargo versions are designed to delight customers and passengers with innovative technology and beautiful design, while also providing carbon-free, cost-effective, and convenient point-to-point travel.

“Completing the Conceptual Design Review is a major step in Alice’s journey, moving us significantly closer to aircraft certification and Entry Into Service,” said Andre Stein, CEO of Eviation. “The latest refinements have further enhanced the exceptional design of Alice, which has received orders from operators around the world keen to decarbonize their fleets. This is an exciting year for Eviation, as Alice makes tremendous strides toward making the electric aviation revolution a commercial reality.”

About Eviation Aircraft
Based in Washington State, Eviation Aircraft Inc. develops and manufactures electric aircraft to delight operators and passengers with green, cost efficient, and convenient regional transportation. Its electric propulsion units, high-energy-density batteries, mission-driven energy management, and innovative airframe are designed from the ground up for electric flight. Please visit us at


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