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TLG Assists in Certification of XCub

Cub Crafters unveiled the XCub on June 6, its second certified aircraft. The XCub combines the classic cub design with today’s technology and comforts, making it faster and more enjoyable to fly than ever before.

Cub Crafters unveiled the project with Part 23 certification in hand, making the XCub immediately available to adventure seekers.

TLG Aerospace assisted in the certification process of the XCub, providing flutter analysis, ground vibration test, and flutter flight test support for the project.

The XCub is the fastest Cub ever, able to reach top speeds of over 150 miles per hour. The aircraft also has a range of close to 1,000 miles, marking a giant step forward in the evolution of the cub series.

Cub Crafters was founded by Jim Richmond in 1980 as a way to restore Piper Cubs. In 1999, Cub Crafters began designing new planes, going on to produce seven different cubs.

TLG is an aerospace engineering services company that specializes in full vehicle analysis and optimization including static and dynamic loads, flutter, stability and control, aerodynamic design, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, airframe stress analysis and design, FAA certification and aircraft performance and handling qualities. Our engineers have experience with over 100 aircraft models from more than 40 different manufacturers.