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News & Events

TLG Aerospace is First MSC Apex User in North America

MSC released their Apex Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) system on September 30, 2014. Apex is the world’s first computational parts based CAE system based on modern computational capabilities. MSC Apex provides an efficient and satisfying workflow to complete CAE tasks – particularly modeling and meshing tasks which were time consuming and frustrating using traditional programs.

TLG Aerospace is proud to be the first MSC Apex user in North America. We are seeing immediate efficiency and process improvements from the use of Apex for modeling and meshing.

For more about the MSC Apex system, see the MSC press release at

NBAA 2014 Annual Meeting and Convention

TLG Aerospace will be attending and participating in the NBAA’s annual meeting and convention in Orlando, Florida from October 21st through October 23rd.  We look forward to meeting with representatives from original equipment aircraft manufacturers with type and supplemental certificate program needs; aircraft modifier and operator supplemental type certificate projects; companies needing FAA designated engineering support and additional engineering capacity; and organizations seeking additional capabilities to conduct research and development, and feasibility and trade studies.  To schedule meetings, please call 206-859-5061 x200; or by email

TLG Aerospace Presenting at 2014 MSC Aerospace and Defense Industry User Meeting

TLG Aerospace’s Engineering Manager, Robert Lind, will be attending and participating as a speaker at the 2014 MSC Aerospace and Defense Industry User Meeting.   This is a premier event in the aerospace simulation and analysis community and is being held at the Fairmont Newport Beach hotel in Newport Beach, CA on September 17th.  Robert’s presentation, “Practical Applications of Aeroelastic Analysis for Aircraft Design and Certification”, will be focused on MSC Nastran applications for business and transport aircraft aeroelastic certification.  For further information, Robert can be contacted at:

TLG to attend Spring 2014 Aerospace Flutter and Dynamics Council Meeting

Robert Lind, TLG Director of Engineering and FAA Flutter DER, will be attending the Spring 2014 Aerospace Flutter and Dynamics Council Meeting. The meeting will be held May 29-30 in St Louis, MO. The Aerospace Flutter and Dynamics Council is an organization which has as its objective to provide a method, through its bi-annual meetings, for people working in responsible positions in flutter and dynamics to meet and discuss mutual and current technical problems, to evaluate the state-of-the-art and review and discuss current and planned research, and to anticipate future design problems and discuss research programs. TLG remains committed to furthering the advancement of the aerospace industry and looks forward to supporting this and future events.

TLG to Attend 2014 AIAA AVIATION Forum in Atlanta, GA

Andrew McComas and Travis Douville, will be attending the 2014 AIAA AVIATION Forum in Atlanta, GA from June 16-20. Andrew and Travis are members of the AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Technical Committee (APA-TC) and will be chairing sessions at the conference entitled “Aerodynamic Analysis and Design: Design Methodologies”, “Aerodynamic Testing: Flight, Wind Tunnel and Numerical Correlations”, “Propeller Aerodyanmics”, and “Airfoil/Wing/Configuration Aerodynamics”. As members of the APA-TC, Andrew and Travis represent the technical community engaged in analysis, design, research and development in applied aerodynamics of airborne and surface vehicles. The technical activities of the Committee are to provide a focus for the development, verification, and application of aerodynamic analysis and design techniques and to provide a forum for the exposure of innovative aerodynamic concepts. TLG remains committed to furthering the advancement of the aerospace industry and looks forward to supporting this and future events.

TLG Adds Structural Design and Stress Analysis Capabilities!

TLG Aerospace is pleased to announce an expansion of our core aerospace engineering services by adding in-house stress analysis and design capabilities. Since its founding in 2008, TLG has continued to add specialized engineering skills to complement our core loads and dynamic analysis services. With the addition of experienced stress analyst and design engineers, TLG Aerospace now provides even more value to our existing and future customers by offering an enhanced integrated engineering services solution. For additional information on TLG’s stress and design capabilities, please contact Michael Henderson by telephone at: (206) 859-5061 ext: 126, or by email at:


TLG was pleased to celebrate its Five Year Anniversary this month! Many thanks to our past and current employees. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers in the future, and we thank you for the opportunities you have provided us!

TLG Presents Flutter Methods Paper at MSC User’s Conference

On Tuesday, May 7th, TLG Aerospace’s Engineering Manager, Robert Lind, presented a paper titled “MSC Nastran Aeroelasticity for Aircraft Certification”. This presentation focused on the use of MSC Nastran for certification level analysis. Specific examples of MSC Nastran/Patran and related tool usage were shown for real world certification projects. Attendees will gained an appreciation of the ability of these tools and procedures to provide critical certification data at the highest required levels of fidelity (FAA and international). Analysis types and levels of detail were also summarized for earlier steps of the design cycle.

TLG Attended Aeromart Montreal Conference

On April 23rd through 25th, TLG participated in business to business meetings at the international Aeromart Montreal Conference in Montreal, Quebec. The meetings provided an excellent forum for discussions with aircraft OEMs and modifiers to better understand their needs for the aerodynamics, loads, and flutter capabilities which TLG provides.

TLG Announces New Flutter DER

TLG Aerospace is pleased to announce our Engineering Manager, Robert Lind, has recently received his DER Certification in Flutter for both 14 CFR Parts 23 and 25 airplanes.
Robert has actively participated in multiple FAA certification projects involving analytical and flight test flutter clearance for small and large airplanes. He has expertise in static and dynamic aeroelasticity, flutter analysis and flight test, steady and unsteady aerodynamics and test validation, structural dynamics and GVT validation, FAA and foreign airworthiness authority requirements, Advisory Circular and Policy requirements, and certification procedures. As part of his 22 years of aerospace experience, Robert has 12 years of experience in static and dynamic aeroelastic modeling and analysis for FAA and EASA certification. Robert has worked with most of the current and flutter DERs and FAA flutter staff and has developed strong working relationships within the dynamic aeroelasticity community.